About meteoAV

Next Level Weather Info for the Aviation Community


meteoAV is a tool developed by a global community with the focus on aviation meteorology.

We gather weather data from numerous sources to be used by pilots, airport operators, flight dispatchers and air traffic control. The data is then overlayed on a easy-to-use Interactive map for numerous use cases. Everything is also highly customizable, with the abillity to add your own data to the map.

Thanks to international co-operation, we work with numerous stakeholders in the aviation community to further develop and enhance these tools.

meteoAV Testbed

We host regular testbed's to demonstrate new or upcoming meteorological data on our interactive maps provided by the meteorological and aviation community. These are online sessions to demonstrate how these new technology or data can benefit the future of aviation meteorology.


The following sources and APIs are being used to power the features on this site: